Advisory Solutions

ARES provides solutions and services for a broad range of issues that confront tenants, landlords, and investors. ARES advanced analytical skills and real-world experience can transform and optimize your real estate portfolio and solve complex problems efficiently.

What We Do

Professional Advisory Expertise & Services

Retail Real Estate Insight and Experience Available 24/7

We can review the operations and organizational chart of the real estate department of a retailer and make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs-in accomplishing objectives.
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Best Practices
With its decades of experience and completion of thousands of real estate transactions, ARES Advisory Solutions has the expertise to establish best practices in retail real estate execution.
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Change Management
ARES has the ability to provide guidance and temporary leadership during such interim periods, or in other situations where there is a significant change in critical real estate department personnel.
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M & A Advisory
When a client makes or is considering an acquisition, ARES Advisory Solutions can assist with due diligence and provide guidance and analysis through the acquisition process.
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Bankruptcy Support
During the bankruptcy process, timelines are critical and evaluations must be made quickly on real estate portfolios. ARES Advisory Solutions can assist in analyzing the real estate owned by the debtor in a bankruptcy proceeding.
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Need Other Services?
If your business is in need of advisory services not listed here, we may still be able to help. Simply contact us and let us know your situation. Our professionals will review your case and let you know if we are able to provide assistance.
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Leverage ARES professional Advisory Services for your business.

Our Clients

These industry leaders access the best talent available by outsourcing critical functions to ARES. Clients use ARES unique knowledge of best practices to grow, evolve and increase shareholder value. Given today’s constantly changing environment, ARES is an invaluable resource for optimizing real estate portfolios.