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Real Estate portfolios are assets that evolve and must constantly be measured, managed, and modified. ARES has the experience, skills and tools to significantly reduce occupancy costs. ARES is uniquely qualified to provide strategy, planning and execution to capture unrealized value without increasing overhead.

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Retail Performance, Growth, and Transformation Solutions.

Lease Restructure
ARES Retail Solutions maximizes its clients shareholder value by reducing occupancy costs via superior market knowledge.
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The experienced ARES teams understands how to motivate landlords and explain the advantages of early terminations to them in both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy situations.
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Our in house experts located throughout the country partner with a network of affiliated brokerage companies to implement the disposition programs.
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Portfolio Optimization Modeling, Analysis and Execution
ARES Retail Solutions provides store network optimization analysis to allow retailers, lenders, and private equity firms to objectively quantify the optimal number of stores to maximize profitability.
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Growth Strategies
ARES Retail Solutions has the experience and the knowledge to guide any retailer and its real estate team through the process of measuring, evaluating, strategizing, and acting on a plan for development of new stores or transforming existing store portfolios.
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Need Other Services?
If your business is in need of advisory services not listed here, we may still be able to help. Simply contact us and let us know your situation. Our professionals will review your case and let you know if we are able to provide assistance.
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Leverage ARES professional Advisory Services for your business.

Our Clients

These industry leaders access the best talent available by outsourcing critical functions to ARES. Clients use ARES unique knowledge of best practices to grow, evolve and increase shareholder value. Given today’s constantly changing environment, ARES is an invaluable resource for optimizing real estate portfolios.